Levels of misspelling

There are three main types of misspellings:

  • Group 1, the I Hate Myself category. Ex: “fourty” for the number 40. This happens to me every time I write that word.
  • Group 2, the I Should Know This category. Ex: “guarantee”. Mnemonic: guaranteed guava. Downside: You have to say “gwaranteed gwava” in your head, which is embarrassing.
  • Group 3, the No Shame category. Ex: surreptitious (yes, I just looked that up). No judgies, these words suck and it’s not your fault.

Typos are different critters and exist in two ecosystems: the smartphone keyboard and the real physical keyboard. Misspelling are born in the brain, whereas typos usually just spring unfertilized straight from your fingers.

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