The Singularity Trap

The Singularity TrapThe Singularity Trap by Dennis E. Taylor

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ay yi yi. This book managed to turn an alien invasion into bureaucratic drudgery. It’s nearly all talk, and a very large percentage of that talk is conference table discussion between careful CDC-type doctors and risk-averse military folks. For an alien invasion, there seem to be a lot of phone calls. My favorite character (which was a low bar) is the ship’s doctor, Charlie. He spends the whole book sort of faintly concerned. Imagine a furrowed brow. He sighs a lot, and he answers the phone when the alien calls him.

The threat of alien destruction is averted because the humans…ask nicely.

This book has a zillion sparkling ratings from other Goodreaders. Are you alien invaders?? I think some people are giving this author credit for his other books.

Hard pass. I should not have listened to this audiobook for 11.5 hours. It gets 1 star for the narration, which is excellent, and 1 star for the early parts where Ivan is turning into chrome.

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