046cover-300The Notary of No Republic in Luna Station Quarterly Issue 046!  Lucy Carvell has a county seal and a man to impress.

SoilAndCeremonybyJuliaByrd500 Soil and Ceremony. A history of loss and a terrible stammer have led gravedigger Benjamin Hood to a life of isolation.

When a rash of untimely deaths sweeps through his small English village, he cannot stand by in silence. To uncover the truth about the lives lost, he takes up a long-neglected role of responsibility among the townspeople.

As Benjamin questions the victims’ families, he finds that beautiful widow Juno Stephens has preceded him in each case. She makes no secret of her odd midnight ceremonies and dark powers of persuasion. The villagers are whispering about a woman bearing a lethal hex.

Is Juno the source of danger in the village, or a victim of it? Benjamin must resist her beguiling ways and decide if he can trust her…until another death sets his smoldering worries ablaze.

grayplacesbyjuliabyrd1800hr Gray Places. Katherine Gilbert sets out for Wainforth Manor in North Yorkshire to fulfill her father’s last request. The master of Wainforth, Thomas Norcliffe, does not welcome her unannounced arrival, so Katherine must tread carefully around his dark moods while attempting to unlock the history buried in his ancestral home.

After she receives more than one whispered warning from the townspeople in Wainforth Village, Katherine’s initial audacity begins to waver. Deadly secrets from the Norcliffe family’s past are resurfacing, and Katherine begins to realize that the biggest danger lies within herself—the wisest course is to leave, but she wants to stay at Wainforth Manor and uncover the truth about Thomas Norcliffe.

img_8537 Ruthless. A Fairfield Scribes VILLAINthology finalist! Two people are stealing the same dead body for different reasons.

Cover image The Archfield Ceremony at Uncaged Book Reviews: An aging knight is pressed back into service to help his queen make a desperate escape.

dreamstime_m_45996679 Nicole: A campfire story with a baseball bat. Curious? I knew you would say that.